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Good & Plenty is the oldest branded candy in America. Good thing millennials love all things “vintage,” “old-school” and “retro.” We’ll reintroduce this licorice confection with a campaign that embraces all things vintage—especially things that Millenials know they love a little too unironically.


We’ll launch new packaging designs, which draw from the styles of the eleven decades that Good & Plenty has graced store shelves.


Poster Series

This series of outdoor posters introduces the “It’s like, vintage” tag and the lovingly self-deprecating tone of the campaign. Yeah, all millennials are suckers for polaroids, what can you do?


Good & Plenty will drop a line of merchandise featuring retro-styled items that are irresistible for any vintage lover. This line will be created in partnership with UNIQLO, which has successfully launched many past collaborations with classic brands.


What’s better than a vintage jacket? A vintage jacket you can brag about discovering at a thrift store. We’d partner with Levi’s, one of America’s oldest denim companies, to craft five limited edition Good & Plenty jackets. These would be hidden in thrift stores in your classic hipster meccas: LA, Portland, Austin, Richmond, and Williamsburg in Brooklyn. The jacket’s tag will indicate that the price will be revealed at the register. These jackets are free, and their discovery (and the ongoing hunt for the remaining jackets) will be shared across Good & Plenty’s social channels.


We’ll create a Good & Plenty van, which will tour the country and give out free samples at food truck rodeos, street fairs and outdoor markets.


Millennials love speakeasies. Millennials love pop-ups. We’ll combine both into a Good & Plenty-branded bar that we’ll set up at Coachella and other festivals. This retro-cool space will feature Good & Plenty-inspired cocktails, highlighting the candy’s licorice flavor.


Good & Plenty is a classic movie theater candy, so why not take it to the movies? We’ll set up vintage-style candy dispensers at film screenings (which don’t have a typical movie theater concessions stand). We’ll prioritize classic film screenings and outdoor film festivals.

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