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 Food Network

Food Network today serves up more than just food – it serves up entertainment. Fans get their adrenaline pumping while watching a competitor on Chopped try to make a vinaigrette with five seconds left on the clock – exactly like a sports fan watching their favorite team. To promote this new direction, we created an event that would be the Super Bowl of cooking shows: Chef Ultimate.


The Show

Chef Ultimate, a yearly 90-minute special, will pit famous Food Network chefs and winners of Food Network competition shows head to head in a bracket-style cooking competition. Leading up to the premiere, fans will be able to fill out a bracket and follow their picks throughout the competition. Filling out a bracket enters you to win “Dinner with the Winner” – if you manage to make a perfect bracket, you and a few guests will be flown out to experience an incredible meal prepared for you by the winner of Chef Ultimate.


Promoting the Show

In the months leading up to the premiere of Chef Ultimate, Food Network will create a pop-up “sports bar”. Decorated with memorabilia from the network, this bar will show Food Network competition shows and host watch parties for fans.



To promote the competition, we’ll produce a line of sports-inspired merch. Jerseys sporting the names of Chef Ultimate competitors will be mailed as a surprise to select fans who picked that competitor to win in their bracket.


Baseball cards featuring the competitors will be used as tags on the merch and across social media and print.


After the Premiere

To keep the excitement going, Food Network will launch a Chef Ultimate app. This app will allow users to play Food Network competition shows in their own homes and using the ingredients already in their kitchens. Using AR technology, the app will scan the ingredients that a user has in their home. The app will then allow the user to play Chopped, for example, by generating challenge ingredients they have in their home that the user must include in their dish. Users can compete head to head with a friend or challenge users around the world.


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